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16th Jan
So i had time and scooted off to the only electronics shop there is. 40miles round trip on the bike and zero degrees out. It was like a dozen icy daggers stabbing me in the neck - and to balance that out, i was so cold my thighs were burning. When i could i would try and warm my hands on the engine, well hand really. I have heated grips, but the left no longer works, so my clutch hand was freezing. No ice on the road though; so thankful.

Anyway -
There is failure, then there is failure that takes place over a number of hopeful hours and is more bitter because of that.
That was todays failure.
I will be buggered if i know what is going wrong. It all looks right. Perhaps the chip is a dude, perhaps it arrived that way, perhaps i blew it, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Either way, after many hours today i am calling it quits. Half way through and nothing to show - Down-heartened!
The circuit simply doesn't seem that complicated, i have rebuilt it a half dozen times at least, but whatever i do, there is very low voltage at the output, under 1v, and it does not change or fluctuate during the transmit.
Something is not right - the IC or me; ordinarily i would bet on me, but this time i am just not sure.


XR2206 PDF / AFSK Generator PDF

On a positive i made beef wellington last night and had the scraps for lunch and it really was rather good. I also made home made pizza which was also rather good. Tomorrow it is going to be 'toad in the hole' - it's been ages since i made that. Success in the kitchen at least!

Oh who am i kidding - BOLLOCKS and SHITE!

15th Jan
Well the IC arrived, so i thought i would try a build.
I don't think i have ever started building a circuit ever having all the parts and this time was no different. I do wonder why i continue in this manner as the result is always the same.

Anyway - tonights compromises, was tying two resistors together to get to the approximate value, using a capacitor that the text said not to use and using a potentiometer of half the value stated. However i think trying to power it with a depleted 9v battery when the IC needed 10v was really the kicker as far as failure was concerned.

Saying that, it usually takes me a couple of attempts before i remember how to read a circuit diagram. And even then ------ Meh!

At this point i have had four cans of beer and it is nearly 11pm. This is exactly the sort of circumstance where i start hacking into power bricks to get the 10volt. So with that i will stop for the evening.
Tomorrow is a non-day for the family, nae plans an' aw that, so i might scoot out and buy the correct pot' - Or i might get sucked into the radio, as happened for a few hours this evening when i wandered up here to build the circuit.

Cest la vie.

10th Jan
Whimsy post.

9th Jan
Nine days and only now am i starting.
Bad bad Wgoodf.
Anyway, life and work get in the way as they so often do but mostly, i got a new hobby just before Xmas.
As many will know, i got a baby amateur licence - Foundation- here in the UK, so i can now go mad on the HF and VHF bands - well nearly mostly; as long as i don't use more than 10w to transmit - The personal advantage i have is that my radio only outputs 20w and with my antenna and coax being a bit shit, i would be hard pushed to get beyond 15w given the reflection and coax loss- certainly my power meter has never had me much above 13w on 20 meters and certainly under 10 on 40 meters. Anyway - baby beginnings, point is though, i really couldn't be bothered with this retro lark while i have a new radio and a digi-box to allow me to make contacts using all the digi-modes - and there are so many!

I just couldn't be arsed.

I toyed a little bit with trying to get Slow Scan TV software running on the Spectrum +3 - but all the software assumes a normal 48k Speccy, so while some of it loaded, it all crashed on operation.

Didn't work, didn't work, didn't work.

I then thought about gong back to the planned Cybiko, as above, however the batteries were knackered when i got them, i did order more, but got the wrong size and the company i bought them from doesn't want to talk to me.


Then the other day i was mucking about and was trying to make an RTTY contact - and failing - when i remembered the Dragon 32.

And that is the plan.

I will fail, but it is a plan.
Make a contact using RTTY with the Dragon 32.

Or something.